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Books in Nursing and midwifery

The Nursing & Midwifery subject area provides evidence-based content to support nurses and interprofessional teams in preparation, development, and everyday clinical care. Providing content for nursing students, nurse educators, NPs, LPNs/LVNs, RNs, APRNs, and more, the nursing portfolio covers all areas of nursing including NCLEX & Certification titles, Community Nursing, Nursing Pharmacology, Oncology, Nutrition, Home Health, Case Management, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Gerontology, Critical Care, Pediatric Nursing, Care Planning, Midwifery, Leadership & Management, Nurse Anesthesia, Psychiatric Mental Health, and more.

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Physical Examination and Health Assessment - Canadian

  • 2nd Edition
  • December 12, 2050
  • Carolyn Jarvis
  • Annette J. Browne + 2 more
  • English
With an easy-to-read approach and unmatched learning support, Physical Examination & Health Assessment, Second Edition offers a clear, logical, and holistic approach to physical exam across the lifespan. Detailed illustrations, summary checklists, and new learning resources ensure that you learn all the skills you need to know. This gold standard in physical exam reflects what is going on in nursing today with coverage of emerging trends and new evidence-based content. It's easy to see why this text is, far and away, #1 in this market!

Keltner’s Psychiatric Nursing

  • 10th Edition
  • February 1, 2028
  • Debbie Steele
  • English
Covering the field’s latest trends and treatments, Keltner’s Psychiatric Nursing, 10th Edition provides students with the solid, therapeutic skills they need to deliver safe and effective psychiatric nursing care. This new edition continues to feature a unique, three-pronged approach to psychotherapeutic management which emphasizes the nurse’s three primary tools: themselves and their relationship with patients, medications, and the environment. Select chapters include Next Generation NCLEX case studies. Written in a friendly, approachable style, this text clearly defines the nurse’s role in caring for individuals with psychiatric disorders using a unique approach not found in other psychiatric nursing textbook.

Practice Guidelines for Family Nurse Practitioners

  • 7th Edition
  • March 1, 2027
  • Karen Fenstermacher + 1 more
  • English
The latest evidence-based guidelines keep you up to date for FNP practice! With updated content and full-color illustrations, the AJN award-winning Practice Guidelines for Family Nurse Practitioners, 7th Edition provides essential information on the most current national and international guidelines and evidence-based protocols for primary care patients of all ages. Key details are easy to find with the book’s full-color format, concise outline-style guidelines, and abundant summary tables and charts. In addition to coverage of the most common conditions seen in outpatient settings, this edition includes updated content throughout along with a streamlined and improved chapter format for easier navigation.