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Flexible eBook Solutions

Access the content of your eBook anywhere and on any device

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Experience uninterrupted research with Elsevier eBooks

Research has become increasingly mobile and diversified, with scholars using various devices and platforms. They require flexible and forward-thinking solutions that enable them to work more efficiently and productively, no matter where they are or what device they're using.

DRM‐Free eBooks from Elsevier

Enjoy the freedom of reading our eBooks without any restrictions. Unlike DRM-protected content, our eBooks are yours to access and enjoy on any device, without worrying about compatibility issues. Plus, you can choose from both EPUB3 and PDF formats to find the perfect fit for your reading preferences.

We take a different approach to protecting our content. Instead of DRM, we use a personal watermark that verifies your purchase directly on the pages of the book. This way, you can be confident that you own a genuine copy of the book and share it with others as you wish. With our DRM-free eBooks, you have the flexibility and convenience to read how you want when you want.

Elsevier eBooks are accessible, fast, and flexible:

  • Access your eBook in all available formats including EPUB3 and PDF

  • No activation process to access your eBook. Start reading immediately

  • eBook files are easily transferable between devices and operating systems, encouraging uninterrupted research to improve your performance

  • Download files onto your preferred device

  • Elsevier eBooks come with a personalized digital watermark, protecting you by identifying you as the owner of the copyrighted electronic content you’ve paid for; and protecting the publisher by providing means to identify sources of copyrighted material appearing on pirate websites.

EPUB3 helps enable all learners and researchers to succeed

EPUB3 digital books provide a fully accessible and user-friendly experience for all readers. Our EPUB3 formats include features such as high contrast, enlarged text adjustments, and text-to-speech for individuals with vision impairments.

Advantages of EPUB3

  • Math equations in EPUB3 books are currently rendered as images

  • Image descriptions

  • Clear navigation

  • Keyboard friendly

  • Flexible display

  • Colors and contrast

  • Screen reader-friendly