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Brain Preparations

  • 1st Edition
  • January 1, 1935
  • J. Wilh. Hultkrantz
  • English
  • eBook
    9 7 8 - 1 - 4 8 3 1 - 9 4 2 6 - 4
Brain Preparations by means of Defibrillation or Blunt Dissection: A Guide to the Macroscopic Study of the Brain presents a critical review of anatomical facts and preparation of brain specimens. The book discusses the techniques and the principles of the defibrillation method, as well as the splitting properties of the hardened brain to show its structure. Some of the topics covered in the text are the preparation of a half-brain according to the defibrillation method; the outer form, soft membranes, nerves and vessels of the brain; and the description of the white substance of the cerebrum, association fibres, corpus callosum, and brain ventricles. The structure of the nucleus caudatus and thalamus; the preparation of the outer form of the rhombencephalon and ventricle; and the description of supplementary preparations on a half-brain are discussed. The book further presents the investigation made on the pallium, ventricles, and its structures; and the parts of the brain stem. A chapter is devoted to photographic illustrations of preparations made on the brain using defibrillation method. The book can provide useful information to neurosurgeons, doctors, students, and researchers.

An Introduction to the Study of the Nervous System

  • 2nd Edition
  • January 1, 1933
  • E. E. Hewer + 1 more
  • English
  • eBook
    9 7 8 - 1 - 4 8 3 1 - 9 5 1 9 - 3
An Introduction to the Study of the Nervous System covers topics about the minute structure and functions of the nervous system. The book discusses the minute and gross anatomy of the various parts of the nervous system; the degenerative and regenerative changes following section of the nerves; and the descending and ascending tracts of the spinal cord. The text then describes the cerebellar connections; the deep connections of the cranial nerves; and the microscopic structure of the cortex of the cerebellum and of the cerebrum. The distribution, source, circulation and absorption, pressure, and normal composition of the cerebrospinal fluid and the parts and functions of the autonomic nervous system are also considered. The book further tackles the normal physiology of the sensory and motor paths; the results of interference with the general sensory path at various levels; and the visual path and interference therewith. The text also discusses the cochlear and olfactory paths and the interference therewith and the levels of integration and mechanism of coordinated muscular movement. Students taking courses related to neurology will find the book useful.