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Books in Environmental sciences

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Year Book 1990

  • 1st Edition
  • Patricia Dent
  • Patricia Dent
  • October 8, 1990
  • eBook
    9 7 8 - 1 - 4 8 3 2 - 9 3 8 1 - 3
This comprehensive yearbook is the only compendium, in any language, of policy, scientific and legal developments concerning the occurrence, regulation and control of marine pollution. The breadth of scope of the volume reflects the increasing concern at all levels of government, scientific enquiry and society with these issues. Comprehensive updates of marine-related legislation and the activities of a number of international and intergovernmental organisations are included. Forewords to each chapter are contributed by prominent politicans and experts in the field of environmental science. Over 200 references and numerous tables and illustrations augment the wealth of data within the text, including several case studies and coverage of recent conventions. In the light of increasing pressure on the marine environment from human activities, the yearbook provides a unique contribution to the study of marine pollution worldwide.
Image - Year Book 1990

Zero Waste Manufacturing

  • 1st Edition
  • Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain, Lalit Goswami + 1 more
  • Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain, Lalit Goswami and Anamika Kushwaha
  • June 1, 2024
  • Paperback
    9 7 8 - 0 - 4 4 3 - 1 5 9 9 7 - 8
  • eBook
    9 7 8 - 0 - 4 4 3 - 1 5 9 9 8 - 5
Zero Waste Manufacturing: Recent Advancements In Sustainable Manufacturing, Volume Six in the Advanced Zero Waste Tools: Present and Emerging Waste Management Practices, addresses processes and practices for zero waste manufacturing to promote a more sustainable society and provides readers with a proper understanding of the most recent advances for solving waste management issues. The book covers numerous mechanisms supported by scientific evidence and case studies that will help the administrations and technological professions in adopting the best possible methodology at grassroot levels and various interdisciplinary approaches towards sustainable development.
Image - Zero Waste Manufacturing

[ECO]systems of Resilience Practices

  • 1st Edition
  • Angela Colucci + 1 more
  • Angela Colucci and Giulia Pesaro
  • June 2, 2022
  • Paperback
    9 7 8 - 0 - 1 2 - 8 1 9 1 9 8 - 9
  • eBook
    9 7 8 - 0 - 1 2 - 8 1 9 1 9 9 - 6
Ecosystems of Resilience Practices: Contributions for Sustainability and Climate Change Adaptation focuses on resilience in action by exploring and providing approaches, perspectives, toolboxes, and theoretical discourses for the improvement and enhancement of territorial and community resilience practices towards sustainability and climate change mitigation/adaptation. The book develops a set of tools and design criteria to support the dissemination of resilience practices. This new toolset will support the expansion and reinforcement of resilience practices and the building of solutions related to climate change. The book is divided into three sections: Section one investigates the contribution this kind of resilience approach could have on sustainable development goals as related to climate change. It also includes other environmental challenges such as ecosystem resilience in the face of climate change. Chapters dedicated to exploring the issues for a renovated governance of territorial transformation processes are included. Section two focuses on the eco-systems of resilience practices characterization, including discourses on international networking of transitions initiatives. Section three presents operative guidelines, instruments, and proposals for the resilience practices "stabilization," "blooming," and "up scaling," aiming at a more effective and consistent contribution of resilience practices in reaching sustainability, adaptation goals, and scenarios at local and global scales.
Image - [ECO]systems of Resilience Practices