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Scandinavian Journal of Management

  • Volume 1Issue 4

  • ISSN: 0956-5221
  • 5 Year impact factor: 2.9
  • Impact factor: 2

The Scandinavian Journal of Management (SJM) provides an international forum for innovative and carefully crafted research on different aspects of management. We promote dialogue… Read more

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The Scandinavian Journal of Management (SJM) provides an international forum for innovative and carefully crafted research on different aspects of management. We promote dialogue and new thinking around theory and practice, based on conceptual creativity, reasoned reflexivity and contextual awareness. We have a passion for empirical inquiry.

We promote constructive dialogue among researchers as well as between researchers and practitioners. We encourage new approaches to the study of management and we aim to foster new thinking around management theory and practice.

We publish original empirical and theoretical material, which contributes to understanding management in private and public organizations. Full-length articles and book reviews form the core of the journal, but focused discussion-type texts (around 3.000-5.000 words), empirically or theoretically oriented, can also be considered for publication.

The Scandinavian Journal of Management is open to different research approaches in terms of methodology and epistemology. We are open to different fields of management application, but narrow technical discussions relevant only to specific sub-fields will not be given priority.

What is Scandinavian about the Scandinavian Journal of Management?

The Scandinavian Journal of Management was founded in 1984, and it has become a truly international journal where scholars from all over the world publish their work. The name of the journal signifies:

1. Openness: Empirical inquiries driven by curiosity over the exotic nature of mundane organizational life predominate, often in the form of case studies using qualitative research methods. The journal remains open, however, also to more classical approaches in the field of management, but it is the task of the proponents of such approaches to prove their worth, rather than vice versa. Openness is also manifest in the broad thematic profile of the journal.

2. Creativity: Openness relates to interdisciplinary innovation and novel ways of conceptualizing management-related phenomena. We encourage creative refashioning of existing conceptions of management, and the introduction of new meanings and nuances into well-known concepts and ideas.

3. Reflexivity: Creativity needs to be based on serious consideration of the foundations of the research endeavor, and the epistemological and methodological underpinnings of the theoretical claims made through empirical inquiry. In brief, the role and impact of the researcher/s in research needs to be addressed and thought out.

The Editorial Team of the Scandinavian Journal of Management seeks to embody these principles in running the journal. Being Scandinavian and Nordic is a state of mind. Our talent pool and audience is the whole wide world all those interested in innovative management research.

Beyond a constant regular inflow of quality manuscripts, special issues provide in many ways the extra spice for scientific journals. They have been a prominent feature of the Scandinavian Journal of Management, too. Our Editorial Team will maintain the policy of the journal in encouraging top class special issues on timely and relevant themes

On behalf of our Editorial Team, I would like to invite you to consider the Scandinavian Journal of Management as a potential outlet for your work, as a relevant journal to do reviews for, or just to enjoy a good read.