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Animal Reproduction Science

  • Volume 12Issue 12

  • ISSN: 0378-4320
  • 5 Year impact factor: 2.1
  • Impact factor: 2.2

Animal Reproduction Science publishes results from studies relating to reproduction and fertility in animals.Animal Reproduction Science aims to publish fundamental research an… Read more

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Animal Reproduction Science publishes results from studies relating to reproduction and fertility in animals.

Animal Reproduction Science aims to publish fundamental research and applied studies, including management practices that increase our understanding of the biology and manipulation of reproduction. It publishes articles on animals that are useful to humans including food and fibre-producing.

Submissions on reproduction in aquatic animals are particularly welcomed. Manuscripts that include in vitro spermatozoa, oocyte, and embryo development are welcome, but the work must include research that goes beyond the general assessment of viability, quality, and in vitro development.

The journal publishes topics including:

companion/recreational; captive; and endangered species including zoo animals

reproductive physiology and endocrinology

study of reproductive physiology and endocrinology

reproductive cycles

natural and artificial control of reproduction

preservation and use of gametes and embryos

pregnancy and parturition

infertility and sterility, diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

Animal Reproduction Science does not accept submissions on reproduction in insects or laboratory animals unless the results of the study provide new information that impacts the basic understanding of the biology or manipulation of reproduction. We do not accept manuscripts concluding that any improved performance of gametes embryos or gametes in an in vitro environment will improve pregnancy outcomes without providing in vivo data to support the conclusion.

Authors with any concerns are encouraged to contact the Editor-in-Chief to enquire about the suitability of the content of their paper for submission. The Editorial Board of Animal Reproduction Science has decided not to publish papers in which there is an exclusive examination of the in vitro development of oocytes and embryos; however, there will be consideration of papers that include in vitro studies where the source of the oocytes and/or development of the embryos beyond the blastocyst stage is part of the experimental design.