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  • Volume 9Issue 9

  • ISSN: 0041-624X

Editor-In-Chief: Zhongqing Su

  • 5 Year impact factor: 3.8
  • Impact factor: 4.2

Ultrasonics is the only internationally established journal which covers the entire spectrum of ultrasound research, technology and applications. Ultrasonics contains a varie… Read more

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Ultrasonics is the only internationally established journal which covers the entire spectrum of ultrasound research, technology and applications. Ultrasonics contains a variety of sections to keep its readers abreast of the state of the art in both fundamental investigation and real-world development related to ultrasonics. Ultrasonics publishes papers of exceptional quality and of relevance to both academia and industry. Manuscripts in which ultrasonics is the core and not simply an incidental tool or secondary issue are welcomed.

In addition to high-quality, original research papers with scientific merit and novelty, as well as review articles contributed by internationally renowned experts, Ultrasonics also regularly features short communications, a calendar of forthcoming events in the field, and special issues dedicated to specific topical subjects.

Ultrasonics broadly covers:

Physics of Ultrasound - Acousto-optics; Ultrasonic visualization and imaging; Acousto-electric devices; SAW; Acoustic microscopy; Acoustic emission (ultrasonic domain); Physical aspects of ultrasonic wave propagation; Laser ultrasonics; Physical acoustics (solids, liquids and gases); Ultrasound scattering; Modelling of ultrasound waves; Air-coupled ultrasonics; Phononic crystals; Ultrasound in metamaterials and granular materials; Resonant ultrasound spectroscopy; Terahertz acoustics; Guided waves in surfaces and films; Ultrasound in composites; Ultrasonic flow imaging; Acoustic levitation and particle manipulation; Inverse problems in ultrasonics.

Biomedical Ultrasound - Ultrasonic bio-effects; Ultrasonic characterization of biological media (bone, tissue, cartilage, etc.); Biomedical ultrasound imaging and signal processing; Vascular ultrasound; Ultrasound propagation in biological materials; Elastography; Biomedical ultrasonic instrumentation; Diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical ultrasound; HIFU; Ultrasonic contrast agents; Ultrasonic-guided drug delivery; Ultrasonic surgical devices; sonoporation and sonodynamics; Non-linear ultrasonics in biomedical applications.

Ultrasonic NDT/SHM and Material Characterization - Ultrasonic NDT/NDE; Ultrasonics-based SHM and damage detection; Material characterization using ultrasound; Fatigue damage; Ultrasound phased arrays; Ultrasound in civil, aerospace and geological materials.

Ultrasound in Industry and High-power Ultrasonics - Industrial applications of ultrasonics; Industrial processes utilizing high power ultrasonics such as welding, wire drawing, filtering, drilling, cutting, cleaning, emulsification, atomization; Process monitoring; Heat generation; Accelerated material characterization by ultrasonic fatigue testing; Ultrasonics in additive manufacturing; ultrasonic machining and manufacturing.

Non-linear Ultrasonics - Non-linear ultrasound; Non-linear elastic waves in solids; Harmonic imaging; Acoustic nonlinearity; Sonoluminescence; Ultrasound cavitation and bubble dynamics; Ultrasonically produced streaming and radiation pressure; Ultrasonic fatigue.

Ultrasonic Devices, Transducers and Systems - Ultrasound sensors, transducers and sensor networks; Ultrasound calibration; Instruments, devices and systems for ultrasound research and applications; Ultrasonic motors and actuators; Ultrasonics in control applications; Robotics and automated ultrasonic systems; Ultrasound-related smart materials and structures.

Underwater Acoustics and Ultrasonics - Reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, scattering and reverberation of waves under water; radiation from objects vibrating under water; Ultrasound microfluidics.

Keywords: physical ultrasound; ultrasonic wave propagation; biomedical ultrasound; therapeutic ultrasound; ultrasound NDE/SHM; material characterization using ultrasound; ultrasound devices, transducers and systems; industrial applications of ultrasound; non-linear ultrasonics; bubble dynamics, laser ultrasonics; ultrasound in metamaterials; ultrasound imaging of biological materials; phononic crystals.