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  • ISSN: 1046-2023

Editor-In-Chief: Kwon

Next planned ship date: May 24, 2024

  • 5 Year impact factor: 4.4
  • Impact factor: 4.8

Methods publishes original review and research articles that cover emerging methodology in many areas of life and health sciences. The research areas covered by Methods include,… Read more

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Next planned ship date:
May 24, 2024

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Methods publishes original review and research articles that cover emerging methodology in many areas of life and health sciences. The research areas covered by Methods include, but are not limited to,

• Biochemistry and biophysics
• Cell, molecular, and developmental biology and genetics
• Computational biology and bioinformatics
• Medicinal chemistry, biological chemistry, and biophysical chemistry
• Microbiology, immunology, and virology
• Physiology and pathology
• Bioengineering, biomedical engineering, and biochemical engineering
• Biomaterials, natural products, and materials science
• Therapeutics and diagnostics, biosensors, and devices

Should you have a Guest Editor proposal or an idea for a thematic or geographical/institutional/event issue (see below), please complete the thematic issue proposal form, and send it to the Editorial Office (Ms. Carly Middendorp, [email protected]).

Methods especially welcomes contributions from Guest Editors or authors who are underrepresented in regard to gender, career stage, or geographical location and contributions focused on underrecognized areas of research.

There are several types of issues published by Methods:

Thematic issues are organized by a Guest Editor who is a recognized expert in the research area. The Guest Editor may have co-Guest Editors. The issues consist solely of invited review articles or original research articles of high quality by authors with expertise in the field. Issues are devoted to specific methods or a variety of methods to investigate a particular research question, with emphasis on clear descriptions of recent advances. Background information is provided in the articles to further an understanding of the principles underlying the methods. Other sections of the articles include key protocols, comparisons of alternative methods, the advantages and disadvantages of particular methods, guidance on avoiding potential pitfalls, and suggestions for troubleshooting.

Geographical, institutional/organizational, and event issues publish articles that cover advances in research methods at universities, research institutes, and scientific societies in a particular geographical region, by a notable institution and society anywhere worldwide, or at a conference of significant interest. These issues are organized by a Guest Editor (sometimes with co-Guest Editors) who is a research leader in the geographical region, at the institution/society, or involved with the event. As in the thematic issues, the articles in these issues consist of concise overviews of methodology, comparisons of alternative methods with advantages and limitations, research questions to give further consideration, and perspectives.

Editor's Collections publish nonsolicited, high-quality review or research articles in any of the research areas that are within the scope of Methods. Similar to the articles in thematic or geographical/institutional/organizational/event issues, these contributions will be handled by the Editor-in-Chief or an Editor, depending on the topic. Nonsolicited articles are usually published in an Editor's Collection independent of thematic or geographical/institutional/event issues. However, they might be recommended for publication in a thematic or geographical/institutional/organizational/event issue at the discretion of the handing editor. Interested authors are invited to contact the Editor-in-Chief with a tentative title and an abstract.

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