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International Journal of Thermal Sciences

  • ISSN: 1290-0729

Next planned ship date: April 26, 2024

  • 5 Year impact factor: 4.3
  • Impact factor: 4.5

Founded as Revue Générale de Thermique in 1962 The International Journal of Thermal Sciences is devoted to the publication of original research papers concerned with fundamental st… Read more

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Next planned ship date:
April 26, 2024

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Founded as Revue Générale de Thermique in 1962

The International Journal of Thermal Sciences is devoted to the publication of original research papers concerned with fundamental studies on the physics of processes involving heat transfer and their coupling with mass transfer and/or fluid flow. The journal especially welcomes papers aiming at a better understanding of the coupling of local mechanisms and their interactions in larger scale systems.

Papers submitted for publication may contain either experimental results, numerical simulations or discussions of models, and must present a significant scientific contribution.

The fundamental subjects considered within the scope of the journal are:

• Heat and relevant mass transfer at all scales (nano, micro and macro) and in all types of materials (heterogeneous, composites, biological,...) and fluid flow
• Forced, natural or mixed convection in reactive or non-reactive media
• Single or multi-phase fluid flow with or without phase change
• Near-and far-field radiative heat transfer
• Combined modes of heat transfer in complex systems (for example, plasmas, biological or geological systems,?)
• Multiscale modelling.

Manuscripts dedicated to stability analysis studies, or with developed codes, can be considered if their focus is on the physics of heat and mass transfer processes. Experimental validation for the actual problem or a related case is strongly encouraged. They are, however, outside the scope of our journal, if such papers are centered on mathematical developments.

In all cases, the paper must present a physical discussion of the mathematical model and a clear justification of the underlying assumptions.

Papers dedicated to applications in different fields of engineering or natural sciences may be considered provided that they analyze the coupling of heat transfer modes with other mechanisms and their influence on the system's behavior.

The International Journal of Thermal Sciences will not accept papers with the following characteristics:

• Studies which belong to already established specialized journals, such as computational techniques, combustion, thermodynamic cycles,?
• Papers with purely descriptive or empirical content,
• Mere applications of classical equations to complex fluids (e.g. colloidal suspensions) or to the complex combination of basic mechanisms (divided media, external forces,?)
• Numerical simulations without a thorough validation of the code and convergence study,
• Numerical results using commercial CFD codes, unless new insights into the physics of the process are presented. Even in such cases, experimental validation is mandatory for the actual problem.
• Experimental reports without uncertainty analysis or presenting results without error margins,
• Experimental or numerical studies which do not provide a physical interpretation of the observed behavior,
• Studies presenting the global performance of industrial systems,
• Papers on the characterization of materials,
• Statistical techniques describing the process as a black box.

Articles can be submitted in English or French. Before submitting a Review Article, the main author should contact one of the Editors-in-Chief.