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Infection, Disease & Health

  • Volume 1Issue 4

  • ISSN: 2468-0451

Editor-In-Chief: Brett Mitchell AM

  • 5 Year impact factor: 2.8
  • Impact factor: 3.5

Formerly Healthcare InfectionOfficial Journal of the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control (ACIPC)The journal is a global platform for the publ… Read more

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Formerly Healthcare Infection

Official Journal of the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control (ACIPC)

The journal is a global platform for the publication of original knowledge that fundamentally advances the prevention and control of infection in human populations.Priority is given to original infection prevention research relevant to, or conducted in, healthcare settings (including hospitals, community-based healthcare and private healthcare), aged and residential care, education settings, child care, dentistry, correctional services, mental health and indigenous health and industry with implications for healthcare e.g. tattoo parlours. We are also interested in articles on the surveillance and epidemiology, outcomes and risk factors for infections acquired in settings just described, cost-effectiveness of infection prevention strategies and sociological aspects of infection prevention and control. We may consider public health-based research that focuses on infection prevention in human populations, including low and middle income contexts.

All submissions must contribute new knowledge or advance debate on a relevant topic. The journal is quarterly and publishes research, reviews, concise communications, case reports, commentary, opinion pieces and other articles concerned with infection and disease affecting the health of an individual, organisation or population.Topics that are outside the scope of the journal include:

treatment & /or management of infections (e.g. antimicrobial therapy for infection treatment)

case studies unless primarily focused on the prevention and control of infection, with original features, and not reported elsewhere.

evaluation and efficacy of vaccines

the surveillance or reporting of infections that are not acquired in or associated with settings described earlier.

unstructured reviews that do not focus on a specific question or topic of relevance to infection prevention and control

articles on vaccination with a scope relating to public or population health, unless reporting on vaccination and prevention of infection within healthcare settings or presenting something new of interest to an international audience.

articles related to antimicrobial stewardship unless it relates to infection or antimicrobial resistance outcomes in healthcare, aged care or similar settings. Articles related to various roles and antimicrobial stewardship (e.g. nursing, pharmacists) are better placed in discipline specific journals.

articles where the primary focus is not prevention and/or control of infection.

Infection, Disease & Health provides a platform for the publication and dissemination of original knowledge at the nexus of the areas infection, disease and health in a One Health context. One Health recognizes that the health of people is connected to the health of animals and the environment. The audience of the journal includes researchers, clinicians, nurses and midwives, health workers and public policy professionals concerned with infection, disease and health.

Final decisions on scope are made by the Editor-in-Chief.