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Current Opinion in Physiology

  • ISSN: 2468-8673

Next planned ship date: June 13, 2024

  • 5 Year impact factor: 2.7
  • Impact factor: 2.5

What Current Opinions in Physiology publishes - COPHYS distinctly publishes invited short, annotated reviews in a Special Issue format. These short reviews are of recent (2-5 year… Read more

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Next planned ship date:
June 13, 2024

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What Current Opinions in Physiology publishes - COPHYS distinctly publishes invited short, annotated reviews in a Special Issue format. These short reviews are of recent (2-5 years) developments in the topic, as well as pointing out select individual papers of particular significance Each Special Issue focuses on a specific area of physiological research that has a broad appeal and falls within the aims and scope of the journal. Special Issues provide an opportunity to review a particular theme, examine previously unaddressed aspects, propose, and develop new approaches, exchange perspectives and encourage new lines of research.

Expertise & the Editorial Process - Editors and the Editorial Board bring the depth and breadth of their experience and expertise to our journal. Each special issue's topic is facilitated and approved by the Co-Editors in Chief. The Editors in Chief work in tandem with the Editorial Board to select the most appropriate Guest Editors who are known experts in any given special issue's topic. The Guest Editors are responsible for creating an author invite list, which is then reviewed and augmented via Editorial Board evaluation prior to the Guest Editor inviting the contributing authors. The Guest Editors can also opt for the open call on the webpage along with the author's list.

Once the papers for any of our curated short review special issues are received by COPHYS, the editorial staff determines their suitability for review. Submissions are checked that they are according to journal guidelines before being sent for external peer review by the Guest Editor via the submission platform. Each submission must be reviewed by no fewer than two independent experts who assess the quality, originality, and novelty of the work.

COPHYS Guest Editors are not permitted to handle the review of their own contributions to ensure a thorough and fair review of their manuscripts. Guest Editors are not privy to the referees' names or affiliations for any submission under consideration where a Guest Editor is a contributor. Guest Editors must declare a potential conflict of interest for any submission under consideration and inform the journal Editors in Chief who then determine the appropriate course of action. For additional information about the role and responsibility of Guest Editors, please review the Elsevier Guest Editor Guide. As articles of the issue are accepted, the Editors in Chief perform a final evaluation of the articles before publication.

Discoverability - Articles receive high visibility and maximum exposure on an industry-leading platform that reaches a vast global audience.

Current Opinion and Research - Current Opinion in Physiology builds on Elsevier's reputation for excellence in scientific publishing and long-standing commitment to communicating reproducible biomedical research targeted at improving human health. It is part of the Current Opinion and Research(CO+RE) suite of journals. All CO+RE journals leverage the Current Opinion legacy of editorial excellence, high impact, and global reach to ensure they are a widely read resource that is integral to scientists' workflow.

Please see our Guide for Authors for information on article submission. If you require any further information or help, please visit our Support Center.