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Computer Physics Communications

  • Volume 12Issue 12

  • ISSN: 0010-4655
  • 5 Year impact factor: 6.6
  • Impact factor: 7.2

An International Journal and Program Library for Computational PhysicsVisit the International Computer Program Library on Mendeley Data.Computer Physics Communications publishes r… Read more

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An International Journal and Program Library for Computational Physics

Visit the International Computer Program Library on Mendeley Data.

Computer Physics Communications publishes research papers and application software in the broad field of computational physics; current areas of particular interest are reflected by the research interests and expertise of the CPC Editorial Board.

The focus of CPC is on contemporary computational methods and techniques and their implementation, the effectiveness of which will normally be evidenced by the author(s) within the context of a substantive problem in physics. Within this setting CPC publishes two types of paper.

Computer Programs in Physics (CPiP)
These papers describe significant computer programs to be archived in the CPC Program Library which is held in the Mendeley Data repository. The submitted software must be covered by an approved open source licence. Papers and associated computer programs that address a problem of contemporary interest in physics that cannot be solved by current software are particularly encouraged.

Computational Physics Papers (CP)
These are research papers in, but are not limited to, the following themes across computational physics and related disciplines.

mathematical and numerical methods and algorithms;

computational models including those associated with the design, control and analysis of experiments; and

algebraic computation. Each will normally include software implementation and performance details. The software implementation should, ideally, be available via GitHub, Zenodo or an institutional repository. In addition, research papers on the impact of advanced computer architecture and special purpose computers on computing in the physical sciences and software topics related to, and of importance in, the physical sciences may be considered.

The introduction to each paper should be directed to a general audience and the author(s) must clearly articulate the novelty and significance of the paper and how it will advance the solution of an important physics application. Papers which, in the opinion of a Principal Editor, fail to do this will not be sent for review. The editor may consult with experts in the field in making this decision.

Feature Articles are solicited by invitation and are aimed at highlighting topical subjects and providing reviews of important bodies of research work. Special and thematic issues are published on an occasional basis and enquiries should be directed to a member of the CPC Editorial Board.

If this journal is a good fit for your review article, you can find out more via the Guide for Authors. For further information or help, please visit the journal article support center.