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Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation

  • ISSN: 1007-5704

Next planned ship date: April 17, 2024

  • 5 Year impact factor: 3.7
  • Impact factor: 3.9

Aims:The journal publishes original research findings on experimental observation, mathematical modeling, theoretical analysis and numerical simulation, for more accura… Read more

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Next planned ship date:
April 17, 2024

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The journal publishes original research findings on experimental observation, mathematical modeling, theoretical analysis and numerical simulation, for more accurate description, better prediction or novel application, of nonlinear phenomena in science and engineering. It offers a venue for researchers to make rapid exchange of ideas and techniques in nonlinear science.

The submission of manuscripts with cross-disciplinary approaches in nonlinear science is particularly encouraged.

Topics of interest:

High-dimensional Chaos, Turbulence (fluid mechanics, plasma physics, magnetohydrodynamics, nonlinear internal and surface waves, pattern formation and selection, non-Newtonian fluid flows)

Hamiltonian Systems and Applications (atomic and molecular physics, accelerator physics, chemical physics, celestial mechanics and astronomy, plasma physics)

Time-Series and Signal Analysis, Experimental Methods and Measurements (methods for signal analysis, models in economics and finance, laboratory experiments)

Biological Physics (ecology and environmental science, climate modeling, bioengineering, biomechanics, biological data, neuronal systems, cardiac dynamics, haemodynamics, epidemic models and dynamics of infectious diseases, experimental and theoretical analysis in life sciences)

Complexity and Networks (neural networks, complex network, engineering oriented complex systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning, sociophysics)

Synchronization, Lyapunov Analysis and Control (Lyapunov theory in dynamical systems, synchronization in complex systems, optimization and control)

Nonlinear Mechanical Systems (MEMS and NEMS devices, continuous mechanics of solids, robotics, viscoelasticity and plasticity, energy production, conversion and storage, acoustics, nonlinear vibrations, nonlinear acoustics, porous media, granular matter)

Bifurcations, Attractors and Chaos

Computational Methods (modeling, analysis and simulations, numerical methods for ordinary and partial differential equations, symbolic computational methods)

Analytical Methods (exact solutions for nonlinear differential equations, asymptotic methods in nonlinear dynamics, Lie group analysis, integrable systems and solitons, symbolic dynamics)

Discrete, Stochastic and Hybrid Dynamics (discontinuous dynamical systems, hybrid systems, stochastic processes)

Fractional Dynamics (fractional dynamics and control, fractional calculus)

No length limitation for contributions is set, but only concisely written manuscripts are published. Brief papers are published on the basis of Short Communications. Discussions of previously published papers are welcome.

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