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Silicon Molecular Beam Epitaxy

  • 1st Edition, Volume 10A - March 1, 1990
  • Editors: Erwin Kasper, E.H.C. Parker
  • Language: English
  • eBook ISBN:
    9 7 8 - 0 - 0 8 - 0 9 8 3 6 8 - 4

This two-volume work covers recent developments in the single crystal growth, by molecular beam epitaxy, of materials compatible with silicon, their physical characterization, and… Read more

Silicon Molecular Beam Epitaxy

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This two-volume work covers recent developments in the single crystal growth, by molecular beam epitaxy, of materials compatible with silicon, their physical characterization, and device application. Papers are included on surface physics and related vacuum synthesis techniques such as solid phase epitaxy and ion beam epitaxy.A selection of contents: Volume I. SiGe Superlattices. SiGe strained layer superlattices (G. Abstreiter). Optical properties of strained GeSi superlattices grown on (001)Ge (T.P. Pearsall et al.). Growth and characterization of SiGe atomic layer superlattices (J.-M. Baribeau et al.). Optical properties of perfect and imperfect SiGe superlattices (K.B. Wong et al.). Confined phonons in stained short-period (001) Si/Ge superlattices (W. Bacsa et al.). Calculation of energies and Raman intensities of confined phonons in SiGe strained layer superlattices (J. White et al.). Rippled surface topography observed on silicon molecular beam epitaxial and vapour phase epitaxial layers (A.J. Pidduck et al.). The 698 meV optical band in MBE silicon (N. de Mello et al.). Silicon Growth Doping. Dopant incorporation kinetics and abrupt profiles during silicon molecular beam epitaxy (J.-E. Sundgren et al.). Influence of substrate orientation on surface segregation process in silicon-MBE (K. Nakagawa et al.). Growth and transport properties of SimSb1 (H. Jorke, H. Kibbel). Author Index. Volume. II. In-situ electron microscope studies of lattice mismatch relaxation in GexSi1-x/Si heterostructures (R. Hull et al.). Heterogeneous nucleation sources in molecular beam epitaxy-grown GexSi1-x/Si strained layer superlattices (D.D. Perovic et al.). Silicon Growth. Hydrogen-terminated silicon substrates for low-temperature molecular beam epitaxy (P.J. Grunthaner et al.). Interaction of structure with kinetics in Si(001) homoepitaxy (S. Clarke et al.). Surface step structure of a lens-shaped Si(001) vicinal substrate (K. Sakamoto et al.). Photoluminescence characterization of molecular beam epitaxial silicon (E.C. Lightowlers et al.). Doping. Boron doping using compound source (T. Tatsumi). P-type delta doping in silicon MBE (N.L. Mattey et al.). Modulation-doped superlattices with delta layers in silicon (H.P. Zeindell et al.). Steep doping profiles obtained by low-energy implantation of arsenic in silicon MBE layers (N. Djebbar et al.). Alternative Growth Methods. Limited reaction processing: growth of Si/Si1-xGex for heterojunction bipolar transistor applications (J.L. Hoyt et al.). High gain SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors grown by rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition (M.L. Green et al.). Epitaxial growth of single-crystalline Si1-xGex on Si(100) by ion beam sputter deposition (F. Meyer et al.). Phosphorus gas doping in gas source silicon-MBE (H. Hirayama, T. Tatsumi). Devices. Narrow band gap base heterojunction bipolar transistors using SiGe alloys (S.S. Iyer et al.). Silicon-based millimeter-wave integrated circuits (J-F. Luy). Performance and processing line integration of a silicon molecular beam epitaxy system (A.A. van Gorkum et al.). Silicides. Reflection high energy electron diffraction study of Cosi2/Si multilayer structures (Q. Ye at al.). Epitaxy of metal silicides (H. von Kanel et al.). Epitaxial growth of ErSi2 on (111)si (D. Loretto et al.). Other Material Systems. Oxygen-doped and nitrogen-doped silicon films prepared by molecular beam epitaxy (M. Tabe et al.). Properties of diamond structure SnGe films grown by molecular beam epitaxy (A. Harwit et al.). Si-MBE: Prospects and Challenges. Prospects and challenges for molecular beam epitaxy in silicon very-large-scale integration (W. Eccleston). Prospects and challenges for SiGe strained-layer epitaxy (T.P. Pearsall). Author Index.