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In Vitro Toxicity Indicators

  • 1st Edition, Volume 1B - April 25, 1994
  • Editors: Charles A. Tyson, John M. Frazier, Hanspeter Witschi
  • Language: English
  • eBook ISBN:
    9 7 8 - 0 - 0 8 - 0 9 2 4 4 0 - 3

About the Series:In the tradition of Methods in Enzymology and Methods in Neurosciences, Academic Press is pleased to announce a new serial: Methods in Toxicology. There is a pres… Read more

In Vitro Toxicity Indicators

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About the Series:
In the tradition of Methods in Enzymology and Methods in Neurosciences, Academic Press is pleased to announce a new serial: Methods in Toxicology. There is a pressing need among researchers involved in toxicologic investigation for a series of publications that organizes and presents information on the latest experimental methodologies. To address the needs of researchers in toxicology, toxicologic pathology, pharmacology, and clinical biochemistry, this new serial provides comprehensive descriptions of state-of-the-art methods for evaluating drug and chemical toxicity. Thematic volumes focus on mechanistic approaches to the study of toxicity both in vitro and in vivo, taking advantage of the recent advances in the biological and chemical sciences that allow closer scrutiny of the mechanisms by which agents cause damage. Each volume begins with an introductory chapter that offers a broad guide to the application of methods addressed in that volume. Subsequent chapters contain detailed descriptions of research protocols, accessible both to experts and those new to toxicologic investigation. Included in each chapter are clearly defined procedures, discussions of limitations of the method, comparative considerations (species, sex, strain), interpretations of results, and explanations of how the methods may serve as alternatives to in vivo testing. Each volume of Methods in Toxicology is available in case binding for the library and Wire-O-binding for the laboratory.
About the Book:
Concurrent with the development of biological systems for in vitro toxicologic investigations (Volume 1A-In Vitro Biological Systems), techniques have evolved to detect and evaluate the diverse effects produced when toxicants interact with these systems. This volume describes methods for detecting and quantifying pertubations in various cellular parameters related to cell dysfunction and death (including apoptosis) associated with adverse toxicant action. Each endpoint measurement probes one aspect of the response of the biological system to a toxicant. When several techniques are used in combination, it is possible to derive a more complete understanding of the mechanism of toxicity at the cellular, tissue, or organ level. The methods collected here are organized by major categories of toxic effects, such as membrane damage, disruption of energy metabolism, and lipid peroxidation, commonly monitored by toxicologists during a comprehensive toxicity study. Specialized techniques of interest and value in mechanistic investigations are included. As with the first volume, the goal is not to obtain an exhaustive collection of methods, but rather to assemble in a single central reference a set of valuable techniques that are used for toxicologic investigations, along with cautionary remarks on their use and limitations.