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Beam Processing and Laser Chemistry

  • 1st Edition, Volume 12 - February 1, 1990
  • Editors: I.W. Boyd, E. Rimini
  • Language: English
  • Paperback ISBN:
    9 7 8 - 0 - 4 4 4 - 5 6 7 4 2 - 0
  • eBook ISBN:
    9 7 8 - 0 - 4 4 4 - 5 9 6 6 5 - 9

This volume discusses both the practical and theoretical aspects of energy beam materials processing. It highlights the recent advances in the use of beams and incoherent light… Read more

Beam Processing and Laser Chemistry

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This volume discusses both the practical and theoretical aspects of energy beam materials processing. It highlights the recent advances in the use of beams and incoherent light sources to enhance or modify chemical processes at solid surfaces. Special attention is given to the latest developments in the use of ion, electron and photon beams, and on laser-assisted process chemistry. Thin film and surface and interface reactions as well as bulk phase transformations are discussed. Practical technological details and the criteria for present and future applications are also reviewed. The papers collected in this volume reflect the continuing strong interest and variety of development in this field.

A selection of contents: Deposition. Photo-assisted MOVPE growth of calcium fluoride (K.J. Mackey et al.). XPS characterization of chromium films deposited from Cr(CO)6 at 248 nm (R. Nowak et al.). The chemistry of alkyl - aluminum compounds during laser-assisted chemical vapor deposition (G.S. Higashi). Influence of dilution in nitrogen on the photodissociation processes of silane and disilane at 193 nm. (E. Boch et al.). Growth processes of epitaxial metal films on semiconductor and insulator substrates by ionized cluster beam (I. Yamada). Kinetics and mechanisms of CW laser induced deposition of metals for microelectronics (G. Auvert). Damage Mechanisms. Modelling of lattice damage accumulation during high energy ion implantation (N. Hecking, E.H. te Kaat). Defects created by 3.5 GeV xenon ions in silicon (P. Mary et al.). Mixing, Crystallisation and Synthesis. Material transformations in semiconductor and magnetic thin films (E.E. Marinero). Explosive crystallization of amorphous silicon: triggering and propagation (W.C. Sinke et al.). Structural changes in AuxSi1-x alloy films under laser irradiation (J. Marfaing et al.). Ion-assisted recrystallization of amorphous silicon (F. Priola et al.). Ion beam synthesis of buried compound layers: accomplishments and perspectives (A. Golanski). Epitaxial lateral overgrowth of amorphous CVD silicon films induced by ion irradiation (M. Voelskow et al.). Wear resistant coatings produced by C+ implantation (C. Neelmeijer et al.). Laser surface alloying of Ni film on A1-based alloy (E. Gaffet et al.). Dielectrics. Photoenhanced CVD of hydrogenated amorphous silicon using an internal hydrogen discharge lamp (W.I. Milne et al.). Laser assisted synthesis of ultrafine silicon powder (R. Fantoni et al.). Doping. Excimer laser induced melting of heavily doped silicon: a contribution to the optimization of the laser doping process (E. Fogarassy et al.). In-situ doping of silicon using the gas immersion laser doping (GILD) process (P.G. Carey et al.). Laser solid-phase doping of semiconductors (A.M. Prokhorov et al.). Ablation. Photoablation of polyimide with IR and UV laser radiation (R. Braun et al.). Resputtering of low-energy implanted inert gases: an angle-resolved time-of-flight study (J. van Zwol et al.). Deposition of Y-Ba-Cu oxide superconducting thin films by Nd:YAG laser evaporation (W. Marine et al.). Cluster ion formation by laser evaporation of solid complex oxides (A. Mele et al.). Geometric optimisation for the deposition of high temperature superconductors (M. Brown et al.). Nucleation and growth of laser-plasma deposited thin films (S. Metev, K. Meteva). Etching. Time of flight study of low pressure laser etching of silicon by chlorine (J. Boulmer et al.). Nanosecond excimer laser-enhanced chemical etching (T.S. Baller, J. Dieleman). Laser patterned desorption within an upflow metalorganic chemical vapor deposition reactor (J.E. Epler et al.). Ion beam assisted etching of silicon with bromine. The role of the adsorbed state (G.C. Tyrrell et al.). Surface modification of low density polyethylene by N+, Ar+ ion implantation for space charge devices (S. Kuniyoshi et al.). Author index. Subject index.