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Acoustic, Thermal Wave and Optical Characterization of Materials

  • 1st Edition, Volume 11 - March 12, 1990
  • Editors: G.M. Crean, M. Locatelli, J. McGilp
  • Language: English
  • eBook ISBN:
    9 7 8 - 0 - 4 4 4 - 5 9 6 6 4 - 2

This volume focuses on a variety of novel non-destructive techniques for the characterization of materials, processes and devices. Emphasis is placed on probe-specimen… Read more

Acoustic, Thermal Wave and Optical Characterization of Materials

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This volume focuses on a variety of novel non-destructive techniques for the characterization of materials, processes and devices. Emphasis is placed on probe-specimen interactions, in-situ diagnosis, instrumentation developments and future trends. This was the first time a symposium on this topic had been held, making the response particularly gratifying. The high quality of the contributions are a clear indication that non-destructive materials characterization is becoming a dynamic research area in Europe at the present time.A selection of contents: The role of acoustic properties in designs of acoustic and optical fibers (C.K. Jen). Observation of stable crack growth in Al2O3 ceramics using a scanning acoustic microscope (A. Quinten, W. Arnold). Mechanical characterization by acoustic techniques of SIC chemical vapour deposited thin films (J.M. Saurel et al.). Efficient generation of acoustic pressure waves by short laser pulses (S. Fassbender et al.). Use of scanning electron acoustic microscopy for the analysis of III-V compound devices (J.F. Bresse). Waves and vibrations in periodic piezoelectric composite materials (B.A. Auld). Precision ultrasonic velocity measurements for the study of the low temperature acoustic properties in defective materials (A. Vanelstraete, C. Laermans). Thermally induced concentration wave imaging (P. Korpiun et al.). Interferometric measurement of thermal expansion (V. Kurzmann et al.). Quantitative analyses of power loss mechanisms in semiconductor devices by thermal wave calorimetry (B. Büchner et al.). Thermal wave probing of the optical electronic and thermal properties of semiconductors (D. Fournier, A. Boccara). Thermal wave measurements in ion-implanted silicon (G. Queirola et al.). Optical-thermal non-destructive examination of surface coatings (R.E. Imhof et al.). Bonding analysis of layered materials by photothermal radiometry (M. Heuret et al.). Thermal non-linearities of semiconductor-doped glasses in the near-IR region (M. Bertolotti et al.). Theory of picosecond transient reflectance measurement of thermal and eisatic properties of thin metal films (Z. Bozóki et al.). The theory and application of contactless microwave lifetime measurement (T. Otaredian et al.). Ballistic phonon signal for imaging crystal properties (R.P. Huebener et al.). Determination of the elastic constants of a polymeric Langmuir-Blodgett film by Briliouin spectroscopy (F. Nizzoli et al.). Quantum interference effects in the optical second-harmonic response tensor of a metal surface (O. Keller). Study of bulk and surface phonons and plasmons in GaAs/A1As superlattices by far-IR and Raman spectroscopy (T. Dumslow et al.). Far-IR spectroscopy of bulk and surface phonon-polaritons on epitaxial layers of CdTe deposited by plasma MOCVD on GaAs substrates (T. Dumelow et al.). In-situ characterization by reflectance difference spectroscopy of III-V materials and heterojunctions grown by low pressure metal organic chemical vapour deposition (O. Acher et al.). Optical evidence of precipitates in arsenic-implanted silicon (A. Borghesi et al.). Polarized IR reflectivity of CdGeAs2 (L. Artús et al.). Raman and IR spectroscopies: a useful combination to study semiconductor interfaces (D.R.T. Zahn et al.). Silicon implantation of GaAs at low and medium doses: Raman assessment of the dopant activation (S. Zakang et al.). Ellipsometric characterization of thin films and superlattices (J. Bremer et al.). Ellipsometric characterization of multilayer transistor structures (J.A. Woollam et al.). Quality of molecular-beam-epitaxy-grown GaAs on Si(100) studied by ellipsometry (U. Rossow et al.). An ellipsometric and RBS study of TiSi2 formation (J.M.M. de Nijs, A. van Silfhout). A new microscope for semiconductor luminescence studies (P.S. Aplin, J.C. Day). Structural analysis of optical fibre preforms fabricated by the sol-gel process (A.M. Elas et al.). Author index.