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Book Imprints & Publishing Partnerships

Books from Elsevier help advance science and improve healthcare outcomes. Our imprints provide insights to support learning, understanding and decision making for researchers, educators, students, and professionals in government and industry. Annually, Elsevier publishes over 2,500 new titles, encompassing books, major reference works, and serials.

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Academic Press

Academic Press, a trusted name in the global scientific community, has been a leading publisher of high-quality scientific monographs and textbooks for over seven decades. Its extensive list includes distinguished experts, Nobel Prize winners, and honored researchers, dedicated to advancing knowledge and shaping the future of scientific literature.

Academic Press publishes across Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Social Sciences & Humanities.


Butterworth-Heinemann is a respected publisher specializing in science and technology, with a history dating back to the 19th century. Focusing on advancing knowledge and education, Butterworth-Heinemenn's catalog includes textbooks, reference materials, and research publications. This commitment to quality establishes it as a trusted source for the science and technology community.

Butterworth-Heinemann publishes in Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Materials Science.


Chandos Publishing is a distinguished leader in contemporary library and information science, as well as social science publishing.  Renowned for its rich academic history and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, Chandos Publishing consistently delivers scholarly works that have significantly reshaped our understanding of these vital areas.

Chandos publishes in Library and Information Science, and Social Sciences.


Elsevier is a world-leading publisher and provider of comprehensive information solutions, steadfastly committed to empowering science, health, and technology professionals. Focusing on innovation and knowledge dissemination, Elsevier plays a pivotal role in advancing research, improving health outcomes, facilitating breakthroughs, and the growth and success of both experts and students worldwide.

Elsevier publishes across Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Social Sciences & Humanities.

Morgan Kaufmann

Morgan Kaufmann has been a trusted knowledge source for the computing community since 1984. Providing high-quality print and digital content to research and development professionals, business leaders, IT managers, practitioners, and academia. Its textbooks, authored by leading experts, redefine computer science education and serve as vital technical references to keep professionals ahead of field.

Morgan Kaufmann publishes in Computer Science, Computing, IT, Data Science and software.


Newnes is a distinguished publisher, highly known for its expertise in electronics and electrical engineering, and is recognized for its steadfast dedication to excellence. Newnes provides a comprehensive selection of professional reference materials and practical handbooks, catering to engineers, enthusiasts, and professionals seeking expert guidance and insights within the field.


Syngress is the top choice for premier books tailored to digital security professionals. Renowned for excellence in the cybersecurity field, our publications set the standard for comprehensive knowledge and cutting-edge insights. Consistently delivering valuable resources, Syngress empowers cybersecurity experts to stay ahead of emerging threats and technologies.

Syngress publishes in data and digital security.


Woodhead Publishing is the leading publisher in food science, food technology, nutrition, engineering, textiles, energy, and environmental technologies, offering concise and relevant content on the latest developments in these fields. Curated from an international team of authors, each publication is designed to meet the needs of researchers and professionals worldwide. Explore Woodhead Publishing's extensive collection of reference books, professional texts, and monographs.

Woodhead publishes in Food Science, Agricultural Science, Physical Sciences, Applied Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering and Textile technology.

Woodhead Publishing and Cereals & Grains Association

Cereals & Grains Association (formerly AACC International) is a global, nonprofit organization working to advance the understanding and knowledge of cereal grain science and product development applications through research, leadership, education, technical service, and advocacy. Cereals & Grains Association members are the creative and scientific forces behind one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic segments of the food industry and are responsible for some of its most popular and profitable products.

Through a partnership with Elsevier, Cereals & Grains Association publishes a range of reference books, monographs, handbooks, and more to address the needs of professionals, researchers, and academics, as well as educators and students. These books are co-branded under the Woodhead Publishing and Cereals & Grains Association imprints.

Academic Press and American Oil Chemists' Society

American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS), a leading global fats and oils society and publisher of books in the fields of lipid chemistry, food science, health and nutrition, and surfactants and detergents, has aligned with Elsevier, one of the world’s leading scientific and technical publishers.The new books will be co-branded under the Academic Press and AOCS Press imprints. Together, Academic Press and AOCS Press offer a range of reference books, monographs, handbooks, and more to address the needs of professionals, students, researchers and academics.